Federal Elected Officials

Donald J. Trump

Mike Pence
Vice President

Tim Kaine
U.S. Senator

Mark Warner
U.S. Senator

Robert Goodlatte
U.S. Representive

State Elected Officials

Ralph Northam

Justin Fairfax
Lt. Governor

Emmett Hanger
State Senator

Richard P. "Dickie" Bell
Delegate, 20th Dist.

Benjamin Cline
Delegate, 24th Dist.

Steve Landes
Delegate, 25th Dist.

Local Officials

Augusta County Board of Supervisors

Terry Lee Kelley, Jr.
Beverly Manor

Gerald W. Garber
Middle River

Pam L. Carter

Marshall W. Pattie
North River

Michael L. Shull

Carolyn S. Bragg
South River

Wendell L. Coleman
Wayne District

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