Augusta County Republican Committee Leadership

H. Ken Elkins, Chair

The Chair Person is elected for a two-year term every two years on even-numbered years at a mass-meeting. All Republicans who live in Augusta county and are registered voters are welcome to attend and cast their vote.


Officers are elected for two years terms in March of even-numbered years by the committee members at the first meeting after the Chairperson has been elected.

Scott McMurrain, Vice Chair (Programs)
Scott Cline, Vice Chair (Precinct Organization & Membership)
Thomas J. Kelley, Vice Chair (Communications)
Lynn Mitchell, Secretary
Gary Chatelain, Treasurer

Magisterial Chairs

Magisterial Chairs represent their districts and server on the Executive Committee. They also serve two year terms and are elected by committee members in their pricincts.

Mark Daugherty, Magisterial Chair (Beverly Manor)
Dawn Perry, Magisterial Chair (Middle River)
Natalia Pinkwvich, Magisterial Chair (North River)
Rebecca Simmons, Magisterial Chair (Pastures)
Duane Landry, Magisterial Chair (Riverheads)
Gloria Stump, Magisterial Chair (South River)
Anne Seaton, Magisterial Chair (Wayne)

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