Scott Seaton

 A  twenty-year resident and physician of Augusta County, Scott Seaton has  worked tirelessly to improve the health for thousands of people across  the region.  He is well established in the county, having served on the  medical executive committee at Augusta Health and has advocated for the  hospital’s growth. 

“I  continue to enjoy my career in medicine and in particular caring for  the people of Augusta County and neighboring regions,” Seaton said.  “I  have been blessed to raise my family in our beautiful county.  When my  wife and I arrived here in 1999 we had two children and two more were  born at Augusta Health.  Our children have thrived in our local  schools.  For twenty years, I have been listening to the concerns of my  patients to improve their health. Now I hope to serve the citizens of  Augusta to help our local government respond to their concerns.”  He  earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of  California, San Diego in 1987 and his medical degree from Johns Hopkins  University in 1992.  He  served seven years in the US Navy medical corps.  Seaton added, “Having  been deployed overseas and separated from my wife and first two  children, I know some of what our military personnel have to endure to protect our country and their devotion to our country.” 

He  has been the medical director for Comfort Care Women’s Health for over  ten years, which provides medical and counseling services for women who  are in crisis pregnancies with a pro-life message.  An Eagle Scout, he  has been active in the Boy Scouts of America for over 25 years and  locally for over 12 years as a scout leader.  As founding members, he  and his family attend Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro. 

A  lifelong conservative, Scott will sensibly protect our taxpayers while  supporting and recruiting teachers, emergency personnel where they are  needed, and improving access to government services.  He will  collaborate with public-private interests to improve broadband access to  under-served areas of the county.  He will also bring his expertise in  mental health care and addiction intervention to the Board.  Moreover,  Scott will be a strong advocate for improving school safety.

Scott  has been married to Anne Seaton for almost 28 years.  They are the  proud parents of four children who are enrolled in UVA medical school,  UVA graduate engineering school, VCU, and Wilson Memorial High School. 

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